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“Love these. I’ve used them on top of foods and soups. I was amazed that they are so crispy. I have tried all 3 kinds. If you like really HOT the Habanero will give you a good kick. My wife makes a Mexican Bruschetta with sliced Baggett’s, chopped cilantro, fine chopped onions, and chopped tomatoes and chile crisp topped with Queso. Place in the oven to just melt the cheese. Drizzle the oil from the jar on top or you can cut it with Virgin Olive Oil. Great appetizer.”

Bobby Wilson

“F me sideways on Sunday… I cannot get over how much I like these. Use a fork to scoop out however much you want on or on the side of your food. They’re a bit too spicy to just eat like chips, but you can if you have the tolerance. I will never not have a jar in my fridge – so kinda wish they had a bulk discount or the ability to buy them as a case. Edit: I really love the jalapenos and Serrano’s, but definitely don’t like the habanero’s. Unless you genuinely like the flavor of habanero peppers (don’t think about hot sauces), I would recommend sticking with the other two.”


“I expected something more like an Asian-style “chile crisp” condiment but this consists of crispy (almost like potato chip levels of crispy) slices of jalapeno in a spiced olive oil base. The pepper slices are great as a garnish adding flavor, a little heat, and crunch to pretty much anything, and absolutely worth eating on their own (the jalapeno flavor is really pretty mild). The oil is great as a condiment drizzled over anything that needs a little flavor. I’m just disappointed they don’t come in bigger jars!”

“I got the habanero; hits the right spots, well made, with olive oil and the right amount/ type of spices. Not too ethnic, not too spicy- just right enough to potentially reach a wide market. Need more marketing.”

“These are ridiculously amazing! Our neighbors gave us a jar during the holidays and live been ordering them since. I even ordered a few jars to give as gifts. Great find. I hope that they start selling them locally!”


“We have been enjoying these as appetizers with cheese, condiments for breakfast eggs and dinner dishes. We found they are a great accent and replaces hot sauces like Cholula, Tabasco and others. It has a better flavor and a great texture. The crunch of the chiles with the rich flavor of the oil is a perfect combination. We are ordering 6 more jars!

Simple Appetizer we like is sliced cheese with these on top.”

Steven B.

“I LOVE this product! I am a Chile and hot sauce and salsa lover and even make my own at home. This is so different and so delicious. I’ve tried the Habanero and Jalapeno and have the Serrano on order. I’m trying to figure out more things to put this on because it’s so good it’s addictive!”

Jennifer T. Chester

“Delicious snack, put on top of soups, fried rice salad etc. For someone like me who wants everything spicy, these are the perfect condiment. Also they are not extremely spicy, just a medium roasted heat flavor.”


“These chilies are not only healthy for you, but they have an incredible taste. I serve them with cheese and crackers or I put in my scrambled eggs. They go with everything„….l go thru at least a jar a week. AND that’s just one person! Cant say enough good things. (BTW I am a wimp so I go for the Habanero flavor)”

Lisa W.

“I got the jalapeno crispy peppers. This is full of flavor and delicious! Goes on anything to add crispy texture and spice.”


“The are the best! I put them on absolutely everything from breakfast to dinner and it gives such a nice spice and taste. If you like to make your food spicy, this is something unique and have never had before and recommend it to everyone.”

Amazon Customer

“This is the greatest tasting snack I have ever bought. It truly is amazing. If you are a Gringo like me, I will caution you not to eat the entire jar in 10 minutes like I did. I couldn’t stop. Highly addictive.”

Christopher N. Compton

“I am Indian and I feel depressed, literally, if I don’t get to eat spicy food for a few days. It’s a struggle to keep cooking because I am a grad student. Restaurant food in the States doesn’t meet my expectations of spiciness. This sauce/whatever this is saved my life. The first time I ate it, I cried. It reminded me of home. I am buying many more. I am addicted.”

Kishu Pandey

“This stuff is the bomb! Use it in everything, great in rice, soups, even on it’s own. Will definitely buy again!”

Amazon Customer

“OK, I ordered this product because a friend said that they were good. Turns out he was right, they are really fantastic. Spicy, hot, smooth, flavorful. Smeared this stuff on toast, added it to enchiladas, and best of all put it in scrambled eggs! Great product, highly recommended. Simple and really good.”

R.S. Farmer

“One of the things that makes this product so fantastic is how crispy and flavorful these peppers are! I first tried them in scrambled eggs but then decided to use the oil to infuse pasta, shrimp, and even some roasted veggies. They are also great over cream cheese as an appetizer. I highly, highly recommend them!”


“Absolutely scrumptious! Crispy-hot-and full of flavor!”

“I just keep eating these straight out of the jar! They are not oily at all-just little crisps of perfect heat-very good!”
Reba Klauber

“Purchased as a gift. Recipient loved it.”

Jim Moore

“I love this, sort of an amped up version of crushed red pepper  that we sprinkle accordingly. It does provide great flavor and packs some heat, the jar should last us quite a while, although we have started adding it to everything.”

Sarah Stewart

“Very tasty, I’m going to run out soon. I put them on everything.”

B. Caster

“I’m going to order more, nice gift to friends that like a little extra heat.”

“Love these and my friends who have tried them love them just as much. They are spicy, crunchy, flavorful, yummy.”
Lee Pati

“Nothing to dislike.”

Jerry Gutierrez

“Great flavor and texture.”

“HOT!!!!!!! Little goes a far way.”
Neil Gingold

“Took this to the office and became the most popular guy at work. This is great in bread. Spicy. But tasteful.”


“I love the crispy and flavor of these chiles.”

“Crispy with the perfect degree of heat. Great on eggs!”
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