Habanero Chile Crisp


Habanero Chilies are famously hot, and ours are no exception-definitely the fieriest flavor in our line of Don Chilio Crisped Chilies! While maintaining a hint of floral sweetness in that flame, a little goes a long way to create deliciously attention-getting salsas, sauces, and soups. But go ahead and think outside of the jar! They can be surprisingly good in sweet foods too-add a tiny dab to butter cookie dough, an 1/8 teaspoon to marmalade, or grind a pinch into powdered cocoa for a whole new experience in hot chocolate—yum!

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We did all the hot prep! We’ve selected premium local Habanero’s at their peak of ripeness; sliced, dried, and crisped them in lightly seasoned extra virgin olive oil; then hand-packed them for you to enjoy at your convenience!
ENDLESSLY VERSATILE: Don Chilio crisped chilies are a natural in nachos, tacos, and other Mexican dishes. But they also add an amazing kick to all kinds of other foods too—everything from ahi to ziti. Let your creativity be your guide!
ADDICTIVELY CRISPY: Their perfectly crisped texture provides a satisfying crave-able crunch.
VEGAN / PALEO / KETO / GLUTEN FREE: The simple blend of chili peppers, olive oil & spices is suitable for almost every diet.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We absolutely guarantee your total satisfaction!